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Selene is a multi-shot regimen to be consumed during periods to support wellbeing. The widely studied ingredients have been shown to reduce bloating, support good mood and also reduce cramps and pains. We are currently piloting the different iterations and results are very promising.

Selene is a product no woman wants to be without. Designed to be the best nutritional supplement for women during periods to reduce bloating, support good mood and also reduce cramps and pains. We are still conducting tests with different iterations and the final commercial version of Selene will include most of following substances:

Vitex agnus castus
Achillea millefolium
Passiflora incarnata
Ginkgo Biloba
Hypericum perforatum
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid

Complete final formula will be revealed at product launch during 2022.

Why Selene?

Finally a solution!
We have researched topics such as PMS and Dysmenorrhea for a long time and after countless of pilot customers and various iterations of Selene we have developed a complex formula that will help women feel better during periods.
How to use
Selene is consumed one bottle per day for fourteen days. We want you to approach Selene with a curious attitude as some women need to adjust their intake schedule according to their body's natural hormonal cycle. Theoretically the best results will be had when the 14-day regimen of Selene is started 7 days before menstruation begins. But having said that, some women can start the regimen even up to 3 days before menstruation begins.
New product for women
Are you a point of sales catering to all sexes? Looking for a product to cater to your female customers? Look no further. Selene is the perfect product to have women come back to your sales point every month. It is a unique wellness product for gift sales and will also make an excellent additional sale on top of other daily wellness products such as nutritional supplements.